OMG, I So Want a Gomi-Style Makeover

San Francisco artist Marque Cornblatt and his jumpsuit-clad co-conspirators have created a Youtubular version of your typical HGTV decorating makeover show called Gomi Style, the name he gives to "a growing do-it-yourself movement in this country where people are taking found and discarded items and re-imagining their uses in new and interesting ways." Attributing it to William Gibson, he says "Gomi is a Japanese word meaning dust or garbage but is has become a popular slang word for anything that we throw away" and "its so much more than dumpster diving."

It is the perfect takeoff of the typical show, doing a Gomi-style makeover, "San Francisco artists working outside the box." Ten minutes of great fun, give these guys a contract. :: Marque Cornblatt via ::cribcandy

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