Old TVs, Suitcases and VCRs Upcycled into Vintage Pet Products

atomic-attic-upcycled-pet-bed-television-tv photo

All Photos Courtesy of Atomic Attic

Design firm AtomicAttic loves vintage, and vintage plus the urge to create new things is the perfect recipe for upcycling. Their most interesting work is made for pets. In Miles and Aimee's workshop, old television sets, VCRs, suitcases and reclaimed wood become beds and food bowls.


I've called upcycling the "wonderful art of making the disused into the new and exciting," and the work of AtomicAttic reinforces my view. All of the products available here, as well as many others, can be purchased through their Etsy store; the team even makes an effort to ship them in reused boxes.


Animals in my house are historically uninterested in beds made for them- the dog sleeps in an arm chair and the cat likes it on the cable box or the microwave. But maybe when one of those gives out, I'll send it to AtomicAttic for a custom bed, avoid the e-waste and keep Abby happy.



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