Old Surfboards Become An Unlikely Artistic Canvas

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photo: Recycled Surfboards
Surfers have always been known to have a connection with nature, they're one on one with the planet every time they take to the waves. And it comes as no surprise that many surfers also consider themselves environmentalists. One such conscious surfer in Cocoa Beach, FL has found a new way to keep old surfboards from their former destiny at the landfill.The Recycled Surfboard Art Program is turning used surfboards once headed for the landfill, into creative art that depicts Mother Earth at her best. It all started when surf shop owner Jayme Noe began collecting surfboards that were beyond repair because he just couldn't bare to throw them away. He gave customers a small credit toward their new surfboard in exchange for their old boards. Periodically, restaurant and bar owners would use the boards as wall art in their businesses or patrons would turn them into Tiki bars for their homes. When an artist friend showed Noe a sample of his surfboard art, Noe was blown away and the The Recycled Surfboard Art Program was born.

Today, Noe recycles old boards from across the area to be turned into unique art. Each of the four artists that paint for him convey a unique style on the board. Money from the sale of the boards goes to pay for the board's preparation before its painted, staff, artists, and then right back into the program. So if you're looking to find a good use for your elderly surfboard, now you've found it.

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