Old School Buses Reincarnated: Into a Working Bus Shelter

schoolbus shelter photo

All images: Christopher Fennell

At the intersection of West Broad and Alps Road in Athens, Georgia, if you're looking to catch a bus, you can wait at the region's most innovative (and recycled) bus stop. It's made from three old school buses (years 1962, 1972 and 1977), with the seat taken from a decommissioned Atlanta city bus.

shelter front.png

Artist Christopher Fennell says he makes "architectural skeletons from discarded objects." More from Fennell:

The materials I use have been cast out by society, for example: demolished barns, broken bicycles and downed trees. I transform these objects into dynamic pieces and connect them into recognizable shapes.

Here's the rear view of the bus shelter:

bus shelter rear photo

and a short video about the construction process:

Fennell uses materials that range from discarded tree parts to used canoes to old baseball bats, and he tries to make his work site-specific and to take advantage of the surrounding landscape and architecture when he builds a piece. While he's in the process of building, though, he makes a big mess and, he's said, "Nobody knows what's going on."

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