DIY: Turn an old gas heater into hot succulent planter

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Over the years, we've come across more than a few wacky upcycling ideas that have turned broken down, unwanted trash into something new and beautiful. Turning her creative skills over to a defunct and even dangerous gas wall heater in her house, Erin Rader of Upcycled Ugly transformed this piece of junk into a stylish planter for her succulents.

Erin tells her story behind this fiery little planter:

How did we get the hair-brained idea to upcycle our ugly wall heater into a fiery succulent planter? When Aaron and I bought our house, we inherited a few things of note– One of which was a gas wall heater. We tried several times to turn it on, but each time it set off the fire and carbon monoxide alarms. We said to each other, “Um… I think we’ll take our chances with freezing instead of using the wall heater.” Well, Winter came quickly and we froze managed…for one day. Then we got smart/desperate and installed Central Air Conditioning and Heat. Woo-Hoo! We tried to sell the gas heaters on Craigslist, but we could not even give them away. On one of my work trips, I suddenly felt convicted to either purge stuff laying around, use it or sell/give it away. I decided to give the Heater Planter a go. I couldn’t find any remotely related tutorials, so I made it up as I went.

Here's an image of the heater "before":

Upcycled Ugly© Upcycled Ugly

And a close up of the plants snuggled in the heater's housing:

Upcycled Ugly© Upcycled Ugly

This is the first instance we've seen of an old heater being used in this way, and we think it's quite an amazing transformation! Check out the rest of Erin's impromptu tutorial over on her blog Upcycled Ugly.

[Hat tip: Recyclart]

DIY: Turn an old gas heater into hot succulent planter
Got a dead wall heater? This crafter shows how she turned hers into a fiesty planter for her succulents.

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