Old Country Roofing: The Mainstreaming Of Roof-Top Solar Power


Beyond basics like remembering inspection dates, oil change, and tire-fill intervals, most of us don't know, nor do we care, about how to fully maintain our own cars. Similarly, when the furnace needs a tune up, we rely on a contractor. Turnkey installation and service "bundling" is needed for residential solar power to become common and reliable, to become something we take for granted in other words. Here's a current example of how such services are evolving. "BP and Old Country Roofing (OCR) have signed an agreement to offer turnkey solar roofing solutions to more than 100 homebuilding companies and homeowners". OCR installed more than 12,000 roofs in 2005, and will work with BP Solar's EnergyTile product, a roof-tile design that blends seamlessly into the design of the roof (pictured). The new solar roofing package, which includes design, installation, warranty and customer service, will be available beginning in January 2007".How often do you scrutinize your roof? Brag to your friends and neighbors about it?

Think about SPVs in the bundled service context: we should not care as much about who made the actual SPV modules as we do about how the system integrates into our home and lifestyle.

Next up: 'Pre-Fab Solar Roof Systems.'

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