Old Boats Refurbished As Boat Hotel & Floating Art Installation In NYC (Photos)

Photo: Lunar Camel Co. (Flickr)

From trains, planes to treehouses, hotels can be found in the strangest of places. Now New York City has a temporary "boatel" or boat hotel to call its own, only an hour away and docked on Marina 59 in Far Rockaway, NY. Created by local artist Constance Hockaday, the Boggsville Boatel is a temporary art installation and summer retreat, using several old boats which were repaired and redecorated to make simple accommodations.

Seen over at Inhabitat and The Gothamist, the Boggsville Boatel is commissioned as part of art collective Flux Factory's Sea Worthy exhibition, and acts as a "boat-in theater" for film events shown on the water.

Though it's a 'boatel,' none of the boats actually have electricity and guests have to bring in their own bedding, while bathrooms and the kitchen are located on the pier itself, rather than on the boats.

Photo: One of the boats used in the Boggsville Boatel (from ooh_food on Flickr)
Made from old boats and named after a brothel
Thanks to Hockaday's marine biologist father and a childhood spent composing poems to the ocean, the project springs from a lifetime love of all things marine-related. According to The Gothamist, Hockaday named the Boggsville after an infamous floating brothel in 1870s Portland run by Nancy Boggs, who would move the brothel to different locations on the Williamette River, keeping one step ahead of law enforcement.

The obsolete boats were donated by the owner of Marina 59 and completely redone by Hockaday, who had to "rip out the interiors, put in paneling, seal up the leaks so they would float."

Flux Factory's website describes the make-up of the boats used, as well as giving more details and nightly rates for each boat:

Five of the vessels are leisure fishing crafts from the 70's and early 80's, ranging from 28 to 35 feet long. Another is a 70's drifter houseboat remodeled into a rustic penthouse. The boats are all moored around a floating platform in the middle of a small bay.

For city dwellers looking to trade the city's stifling streets for a little ocean air, the Boggsville Boatel will be running until Labor Day. For more information, check out the Flux Factory website.

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