Oil Recycling Down Under

In the past few months, the media has been been rife with ‘End Of Oil’ stories. And with good reason. But before you run a warm bath and make a selection from the knive drawer, we thought it time for a good news piece. Australians recycled 194 million litres (50.7 million gallons) of the black gooey stuff in 2003. And like all good public participation schemes they do so without any hassles from the end user side of things. They simply pay a 5.449 cent per litre levy on new oil in the purchase price. This then goes to oil recyclers, to recover all that old lubricating gunk your car no longer needs, after its day at the car doctor. Unmonitored servicing was sending much of the stuff into waterways and aquifiers. And it only needs a little, to do a lot of damage. One litre apparently is sufficient to contaminate one million litres of water. The scheme is administered by the Australian federal government who have information kits for end users and recyclers. ::Product Stewardship for Oil Program [by WM]