Offices Built out of Cardboard for Nothing

nothing cardboard offices photo

Photos by Joachim Baan.

We have showed cardboard offices before, but Alrik Koudenburg, together with Joost van Bleiswijk (using his no screw, no glue technique seen on TreeHugger here), have built an incredible one for creative firm Nothing. They say: "The idea being, to create an using the most Nothing building material we could find."

nothing cardboard offices window photo

CR Blog notes:

The Nothing team took the idea behind the company name (taking nothing and turning it into something) as the starting point for the physical design of the office; which included creating walls, signage, beams, tables, shelving and even a set of stairs out of cardboard.

nothing cardboard offices stairs photo

But Nothing aren’t going to be prissy about the clean lines of designer cardboard that surrounds them. Apparently, the walls will double as a blank canvas with visitors encouraged to leave their mark on the surfaces. Indeed, illustrator Fiodor Sumkin was the first to liven up Nothing’s predominantly brown colour scheme with some well-crafted penmanship.

nothing cardboard offices desk photo

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Joost van Bleiswijk is known to TreeHugger for his Flatpack Gone Mad: No Screw, No Glue, Pure Stainless Steel

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