Office within the Office Creates Privacy (Sort of)


Back in the day when one would specify freestanding pedestal desks for secretaries, they would have an optional "modesty panel" so that visitors and co-workers couldn't look at their knees or worse. I wonder how one acts when the whole upper body is encased in this wonderful shed/office/house on legs designed by Soojin Hyun. You certainly won't go to work in your bathrobe. Or perhaps it is the reverse of that Anchorman joke, where you wear nice pants but don't need a top.


However once one gets over that objection it looks like a lovely, productive space Yanko says: "House on the table" by Soojin Hyun captures that same sense of implied privacy with its whimsical design. By creating a desk that combines bookshelves, a vaulted ceiling, four walls, look-out portals and interior lighting, you can spend your days defending your domain from the invading middle-management hordes." ::Yanko Design