Off To ICFF To Find The Best in Green Design

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Your editor Collin and I are off to New York for the International Contemporary Furniture Fair and New York Design Week to find the best in green design, small space design, and this year, checking out design for kids for Parentables. There is so much to see, between the big show and the little galleries, but I have a plan.


The Safe Bedside table: fun and lovable.

First of all, I have to check out the slideshow What is Green Design? 13 Questions We'll Be Asking at ICFF to remind myself why I am going there:

  • Is it transportable?
  • Is it sustainable?
  • Is it affordable?
  • Is it local?
  • Is it adaptable?
  • Is it downloadable?
  • Is it ethical?
  • Is it art?
  • Is it original?
  • Is it durable?
  • Is it minimal?
  • Is it transformable?
  • Is it lovable?
student work

Then I look for the student work; I always find it to be the most interesting and innovative stuff in the show, like last year: Innovative Student Furniture Design at ICFF Steals the Show (Slideshow) Two years ago, Pratt's Design for a Dollar was the Hit of the Show (video)


The show is important, but the Design Week gallery scene is crazy. See A Rat Lamp? Sublime to Ridiculous Furniture Design Seen During ICFF (Slideshow)


Keep your eyes open for the small stuff. Darin Montgomery and Trey Jones of Urbancase designed the Ledge, the prettiest little transformer desk, so nice that I nominated it for a Best of Green award. They barely had a booth, just a piece of wall. Transformer Desk from Urbancase Discreetly Hides Your Computer


Head straight for the Designboom Mart before it gets crowded. All the cool young designers are there, selling everything from silly cardboard cabins for cats to 3D printed bracelets.

steal images

Beg, borrow and steal. The New York design scene is too big for two people to cover in a weekend, but MocoLoco, Inhabitat, Metropolis and PSFK are there and look at things with a different eye, with a lot more people. Two years ago I was so embarrassed that I just ran a slideshow of Things I Missed At ICFF.

Coverage starts Saturday morning on TreeHugger, and I will be tweeting @lloydalter.