OCAD Students Need Your Help

[This is a guest-post by Matthew Gubernat, a student at the Ontario College of Art & Design. -Ed] It's customary at the beginning of every school year for first year students to be given an introductory package. This is full of what we essentially see as garbage. Stacks of wasted paper granting grease cooked fast food and over packaged sampler packs. This is no different at OCAD (the Ontario College of Art & Design.) And although our professors constantly preach sustainability to students, the school has yet to set a good example to follow.

As current students of the college, we are re-designing this welcome package, in hopes to create something that is not only beneficiary to the students but also to the environment. If we can make this package both an introduction to the school and to an eco-friendly way of life we might be able to create environmentally and socially conscious artists and designers. We however can only change the exterior of the package ourselves and need the support of "green" companies to help fill it. If you have any ideas or contributions you can email us at ocadcarepackage at gmail dot com. We want to make OCAD a leader in sustainability and set an example for other students and schools to follow.

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