Observer House for Next-Gene 20 by MVRDV

MVRDV house perspective image

20 architects designed houses for the Gene 20 Architecture International Project. MVRDV "designed a house which maintained gigantic window scene, within this window scene there consist various elements of spatial topics, each spatial topic, according to residential demand, is able to reformat, to reach the maximum desired living atmosphere."


mvrdv model image

It's big and it's silly but hey, it's the lovely and talented MVRDV, it's earth-sheltered and it has a green roof.

mvrdv process image

It is supposed to be built by stacking a pile of cubes in whatever form you want and then drape a shell over it.

mvrdv interior image

"We can look down at a valley, observing mountains in both directions, and then is more able to communicate with the forest" There is an organic separation of spatial topics and subjects, not only allocation each dimension with various character, however at the same time absorbed in an architectural entity, from a layer of free surface skin, moulds the taste of nature."

-what happens when you translate Dutch to Chinese to English. Or you go to Architecture School.

MVRDV rear image

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