Observation Tower In Austria Looks As Good As The View

gorgeous observation tower photo austria mur river

Observation towers create a wonderful opportunity to connect with the environment, permitting a view over the treetops to incredible vistas. Many are utilitarian structures, but some are true works of art on their own. Abitare shows us this new one at a nature reserve on the Austrian River Mur, by Terrain: Loenhart & Mayr.

gorgeous observation tower photo austria mur river tall

describes it:

Its structure is made of two polygonal helicoid stairs connecting at the top....The structure is made of a cage of black beams with rectangular section, supporting the two aluminum and steel stairs: a thick texture of rods reduces oscillations due to wind or visitors' passage. As a whole the tower is 27.5 m [90 feet] high, it weighs 87 tons and has a diameter of 8.7 m.

gorgeous observation tower photo austria mur river center

Looking up the center of the tower. Some other amazing observation towers with an environmental message:

gorgeous observation tower photo pegelterm

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gorgeous observation tower photo forest tower netherlands

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gorgeous observation tower photo sani ecuador

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