O'BON Offers 20% Off Eco-Friendly Pencils, Stationery, and More

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It's that time of the year the weather is getting warmer which means more events and more lists, which also means more notebooks and binders to organize. If you need to stock up, look no further than O'BON, an eco-friendly pencil and stationery company that has been gaining visibility due to the eye-catching design of their products.

O'Bon's colorful pencils are made by tightly wrapping recycled newspaper around graphite, and they're much more durable than traditional pencils made from wood. O'BON's notebooks and folders are made from recycled materials and bagasse (aka: sugarcane) paper, which has less impact on the environment than traditional paper. From now through June 30, 2009, O'BON is offering TreeHugger readers a 20% discount on all items purchased through their website, PLUS, a free "adopt an endangered species notebook" with your purchase. Double-bonus: your O'BON purchase helps reduce deforestation and also supports wildlife, community, and educational charities. Coupon code: "obon20." O'BON
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