NYC Garbage in a Box


Psst, hey kid, want some of our finest garbage? Yeah, you only WISH we were kidding. Uncannily enterprising artist—or batshit crazy, same difference—Justin Gignac takes the second of the three Rs to a whole new level of trashiness by plucking garbage off the streets of New York City and them assembling them into signed, sealed, and numbered plastic cubes.

Just some of the things you could get in your own slice of the Big Crapple: tin foil, a Poland Spring bottle, a cigarette butt, a Metrocard, a plastic spoon, and a coffee-cup lid. Boy, oh boy, oh boy! You can even score special-edition trash from events such as the 2004 Republican National Convention or Yankee Stadium's 2006 Opening Day. (We're guessing Gignac lives alone.)

Local color doesn't come cheap: each cube is priced at $50, although this includes shipping to any part of the world. Know a homesick Noo Yawker with a serious jonesing for Gray's Papaya? This will cure any lingering nostalgia in a heartbeat. ::NYC Garbage]

[Via ::Manhattan's Users Guide

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