NYC Apartment Has Recycled Subway Doors, Deli Counter Floors

adam kushner new york apartment photo

Photos credit Sothebys

Architect Adam Kushner was fortunate enough to be able to design his own New York apartment, and did so with some style. It is a bit eccentric, what with a jacuzzi in the middle of the ground floor living space and a glass floor in the bathroom above, but it does make clever reuse of the parts of New York subway cars. According to Inhabitat, he got them all for two hundred bucks.

Sothebys Real Estate takes us on an entertaining tour, where Kushner explains how the design is based on the four elements: fire, earth, air and water.

adam kushner new york apartment photo

The tub at the bottom of the stairs is a water feature; wood is supposed to represent earth. It can all be yours for under two million bucks, but no dogs allowed.

adam kushner new york apartment photo

See the full slideshow at Sothebys.
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