Nutrition Labels For Houses


Michelle Kaufmann studied the energy profile of her Sunset Breezehouse and compared it to the nation's best selling house design, and stuck results on a house version of the classic nutrition label. The Breezehouse performed surprisingly well, given the amount of glass. Michelle talks about the labelling concept:

"By quantifying the advantages of a sustainably designed home we can express that information in universal, easy to understand terms using something as simple as a label (like the ones we created above and below) in the same way the advantages and disadvantages of food are expressed through nutrition labels."


"There is no reason not to hold the houses in which we live to the same standards as the food we consume....Homebuyers need more information about the homes they are buying when they are buying. There should be a way for them to have easy access to information like how efficiently a home will use energy and water, how healthful and eco-friendly its materials are, and the price of a home needs to be discussed in terms of long-term monthly costs rather than the hardly relevant upfront cost." More at ::Michelle Kaufmann's Blog

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