Number of the Day: 300


300 -- the percent by which real estate and construction professionals overestimate the costs of green building, according to a study by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. [pdf]
5 -- the actual cost premium, in as a percentage, for green building. Further...

19 -- the percent of greenhouse gases emitted by buildings, according to survey respondents.
40 -- the actual percent of greenhouse gases emitted by buildings.

That's right: industry folks overestimate the costs of going green(er) and underestimate the damage being done. As Dave at Gristmill notes, all we need is some proper education to turn it around. ::World Business Council for Sustainable Development via ::Gristmill

[Update: We should note that the WBCSD is a guest author here at TreeHugger (the most recent post is here). Stay tuned for more of their great posts, coming soon!]

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