Now You Can 3D Print Ceramics At Shapeways

ceramic printing shapeways photo bunnies

Images credit Lloyd Alter

These little bunnies are not only cute, but they are the harbinger of things to come. They are 3D printed in ceramics in a new process: layer by layer, a binder is deposited on a bed of ceramic powder. When all the layers are printed, it is then covered with a slip and fired at high temperature in a kiln, and then glazed and fired again. Soon, if you break Grandma's precious Elizabeth-and-Phillip-got-married teacup, you will be able to sneak out and print up a replica before she notices.

ceramic printing shapeways photo

Or more likely, artists and designers will be able to develop new designs and test them, do extremely short runs, or make custom orders. From plastics to metals and now to ceramics, we are entering a world without inventory and waste, where everything is made just the way we want it, when we need it.

According to Designer Gijs de Zwart, The Netherlands, a Shapeways community member and shop owner, in the press release:

"Ceramic has always been considered a valuable and durable material in many cultures and, therefore, it means a giant step for 3D printed products. After silver and polished stainles steel, this is the third material from Shapeways that can easily compete with other manufacturing methods in terms of surface finish, and will therefore be attractive to both designers and consumers."

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Shapeways also gets the prize for the cutest presskit ever- a 3D printed robot USB stick with a glowing red heart. Love it.

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