Now The Suits Can Bike To Work With The Suitpack On Their Back

A lot of businesses still require people to wear "business attire" or the suit and tie. It's dumb, particularly in the warmer months; In Japan last summer they discouraged it so that they could turn the thermostat up and save on electricity, something everyone should do. If you want to cycle to work, winter or summer, suits are awful, completely unsuitable for cycling. The Cambridge Design Partnership has looked at the problem and come up with the Suitpack- a backpack designed specifically for suits.

Suitpack is a prototype of a compact rucksack that, with an innovative yet simple patented roll-fold concept, combines convenience with a crease-free solution for clothes. It is designed to hang easily from locations wherever required allowing easy-access to the clothes, toiletry and shoe compartments. The Suitpack has been designed for speed of use with its novel folding system making it an all-round solution for the modern commuter.

They note that cycling has all kinds of benefits, and that numbers of cyclists are increasing. They see the suitpack as a solution to a number of problems:

Graeme Henderson, business commuter and partner in the project, says: “Life in the city can be fast and days in the office are often long, so many people find they don’t have time to go to the gym or play any sport. Commuting by bike solves this problem by incorporating exercise into your daily routine, so a healthy lifestyle and a busy job are no longer incompatible. But the problem of what to wear means the only options seem to be turning up with crumpled trousers, keeping your wardrobe under your desk or taking transport and exercising later. The Suitpack is a smart solution to all this.”

There is another solution that doesn't involve stuffing your stuff in a drawer: Corporate responsibility for providing proper working conditions. Providing lockers and showers for employees so that they can store their suits where they wear them instead of carting them back and forth. Changing the rules so that the archaic, silly things aren't needed any more. Allowing employees to adapt to the weather instead of forcing them into an expensive uniform that doesn't.

But failing all of that, the Suitpack is a good start. It is also designed to comply with airline carryon regulations, and has Love solar powered LEDs on the back for safety. More at Cambridge Design Partnership, found on Gizmag

Now The Suits Can Bike To Work With The Suitpack On Their Back
Clever backpack design is built around the business suit. Is it obsolete before it even hits the market?

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