Not Your Average Loser


The winners of the Brit Insurance Designs of the Year awards have been announced but the so-called "losers" are pretty fabulous too. The award was created this year by Brit Insurance, with the London Design Museum--one hundred projects were chosen worldwide by a panel of design and architecture experts. The Chocolate Museum in Mexico City is a simple pavilion designed for Nestle. Designed to be built and installed as quickly as possible, it took 10 weeks and is made of folded plates that make it look like an origami creation.

The fascinating documentary film "Helvetica" is a discussion of typography and graphic design, within the context of the creation of the Helvetica typeface. Another typeface, Nassim, was created for Arabic and Latin script, by an Australian. Used as a newspaper typeface it was designed for typesetting in english and arabic scripts.


The Saturn Coat-Stand is sculptural and practical. It is made from 6 interlocking geometric parts, joined at the centre. When not in use, it is a piece of art.

Chairs galore; the Nobody Chair from Sweden, is made from industrial PET felt, a major part of which is produced from recycled plastic soda and water bottles. The felt is then thermo-pressed into a piece of rigid upholstery. It is supported by the strength of the textile alone. The Bambu chair, from Artek in Finland is made from pressed bamboo from a technique similar to that used for their bent plywood chairs and tables. Make/Shift Shelving is perfect for awkward gaps and spaces because it is flexible enough to fit in any spot.


The Mayuhana Lamp Series, created in Japan by Toyo Ito is a delicate lamp made of reeling string around a mould, like a cocoon. The light is like a paper lantern and is a floor or table lamp. :: Design Museum

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