Norwegian "Topi" Footstool Recycles Trashed Textiles

Recycled Topi Stool photo

Norwegian designer Elisabeth Nossen based her Topi Footstool upon a Salvation Army thrift shop purchase. Nossen's stool is a "50's style" reclaimed from a thrift store and redecorated by the designer with wool roses. Nossen is considered one of Norway's up and coming young furniture designers. The Topi Footstool was displayed as part of the 100% Norway exhibition, which had recycling and sustainable design as a theme.

One of the more interesting elements - though hard to photograph - of the show was a two-store prefabricated bedroom unit called the Bedroom Box by architects Brendeland & Kristoffersen and used in an affordable housing area in Trondheim. At the show itself unemployed youth from Trondheim rebuilt 40 meters of shelving from old materials for display, and after the show they'll go to a children's center to be re-used yet again. Via: Haute Nature and 100%Norway
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