North On Sixty: Sustainable Furniture and Woodworking

There is not much to see but rocks and trees on the road into Ontario's Algonquin Park, so we had to stop at the striking new building just 10 minutes outside the park. Imagine our surprise to find a furniture and woodworking operation where they sustainably manage their hundred acre wood, mill, dry and finish the lumber, and manufacture fine furniture of their own design or for others. They heat the building with their scraps and sawdust, sell firewood contracts for the wood that cannot be turned into lumber, and aim for zero waste.

Yuill McGregor is a well known Toronto contractor and builder who has established North on Sixty. Besides operating the well equipped shop and showroom, they also sell many varieties of lumber and provide consulting services on forest management. Their goals:

Here at NORTHONSIXTY we believe it is our duty to build with the least possible amount of disturbance to the environment. One manner we use to achieve this goal is to make use of salvaged wood. This assists with the preservation of trees, which then sustains the habitat, which certainly supports the entire circle of life.

It is a tough slog, building a business up there, particularly one serving a high end clientele. We wish Yuill the best of luck.
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