North Carolina Architects Build Themselves a Green Home


The North Carolina chapter of the American Institute of Architects is building itself a new headquarters in downtown Raleigh and, in the spirit of the times, it will be a green building. Chosen from 69 entries to the AIA's sustainable design competition, Frank Harmon's design (above) is meant to be a "deep green" statement.

Part of a wider plan to revitalize Raleigh's downtown (left) with mixed-uses, walkability and historic preservation of some two dozen buildings, Harmon's building will be powered by geothermal energy. Special emphasis will be put on lighting and energy-saving features, with abundant natural light, photovoltaic cells, a green roof and porous paving and native plant landscaping in an adjacent garden.

But perhaps the building's greatest contribution will be as a demonstration of the possible in a city where sprawl still reigns supreme. Construction is scheduled to start later this year.

Via:: The News & Observer

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