Norman Foster To Design Apple City In Cupertino

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Apple has been assembling land in Cupertino for a while, and just acquired a big Hewlett Packard property two miles away from its current base. Now a Spanish newspaper breaks the news that Norman Foster, architect of Masdar has been hired to design it.

ElEconomista claims that tunnels will connect the properties.


Norman Foster with his Dymaxion car

picks up the story:

The campus, nicknamed "Apple City" by the paper, has apparently been modeled after Masdar in Abu Dhabi -- which Foster is also designing -- a car-free city that claims to be the world's first metropolis to shun carbon emissions entirely. The ludicrously ambitious plans extend to a network of underground tunnels to link the two campuses together, so employees can move between buildings without cars.

The office block is planned to house Apple engineers and the research and development department, and it will "incorporate cutting-edge technology in materials and equipment as well as renewable energy resources.

Steve Jobs is loyal to the town where he went to high school; according to the Mercury News,

Even more than other tech companies, [apple watcher] Bajarin said, Apple seems determined to grow close to home, in Cupertino. "They're spread over the world, and they do a lot of virtual meetings," he said. "But there's no substitute, especially when you're dealing with engineering and key technical designs, for having people close by."


Norman Foster, cyclist, from an entire issue of Abitare dedicated to him. Given Foster's penchant for bikes, perhaps instead of tunnels they should build Chris Hardwicke's Velo City.
velo city

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