Noming Vase from YouSayTomayto


Made from a really interesting-sounding, paper-based material that's 51% chalk, the Noming Vases by Frank Kerdil are 100% waterproof (a feature we prefer in vases) and inexpensive to boot. Unlike the more well-known vases of the Ming Dynasty, these are actually difficult to break, according to the designer, and is why they've been given the Noming moniker. We like the unique deconstructed, almost folded look, and at $15 for a set of four, they might be nice to keep around for displaying flowers or using for other decorative needs. They're available from YouSayTomayto, who, incidentally, reuses all of the packing materials from their suppliers and uses 100% recycled boxes to ship your stuff. Thanks to Mark for the tip! ::YouSayTomayto