Nomadic Lamp: Lighting Your Way with LEDs, Wherever You Go


If you've ever wanted to just pick up your lamp and take it with you, have we got something for you: the Nomadic Lamp. Designed by Dorota Kulawik, the slick, clever little semi-transparent rings contain a gaggle of LEDs and can be taken with you, wherever you go, indoors or out. Sort of a candle or kerosene lantern for the 21st century, the ultra-flexible functionality make it a handy light source that could go on the wall, on a shelf, on the floor or even around your arm. Two brightness settings allow for both source and (when the time is right...) mood lighting. A full charge gets you 10 hours of illumination; after the fold, check out two more pics of the system, up close. ::Symbioza via ::Yanko Design



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