Nomad System: Instant Walls from Mio


The Salm brothers are at it again. The guys behind Philadelphia-based Mio, whose lighting, 3-D wallpaper, seating and flooring we've admired for almost three years now, have, with the help of designer Roger Allen, further expanded their portfolio with their Nomad System. The modular, freestanding architectural system, which can be assembled into wall partitions, sculptural screens, displays or even temporary rooms, is made from recycled, double-wall cardboard and is designed for easy growth and adaptation in a very wide range of interior settings.

As with many of their other designs, the real brilliance of this products is that it takes flat (and flat-packable), lightweight, sustainable-yet-common materials to create structure, form and texture; the maximum effect with a minimum of materials and resources. Coming from these guys, we'd expect nothing less; hit the jump to see the full complement of colors and more examples of what Nomad can do for you. ::Mio via ::Apartment Therapy: San Francisco


Nomad is available in six colors: "Dark Green, Mid Green, Light green, Dark Grey, Light Grey and White"


Green screen, in one of the many possible configurations


Grey screen, in another configuration...isn't building your own walls fun?


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