Nobody Chair: A Place for Somebody to Sit


The Nobody Chair is no ordinary place to park your tush. Danish design company Komplot used a manufacturing technique borrowed from the car industry to mold recycled plastic water bottles into the sleek, stackable sitters. Says a Hay spokesperson, "This is the first chair ever made with the textile alone as the construction. The material used is industrial felt mainly made out of recycled plastic bottles. The felt is put into a huge form press and heated up — when the chair comes out of the press its done," which is a very efficient-sounding process, to us. The chair has been shortlisted for the Craft and Design Biennial 2007 Prize; see the write-up and a pic of what the Nobody Chair looks like when it travels in packs, after the jump. ::Komplot via ::dezeen


KOMPLOT DESIGN, Boris Berlin & Poul Christiansen — Nobody Chair

The chair "Nobody" is produced in one single process and it is thus a moulded polymer mat produced of soft drink bottles. The chair carries itself as it is without any kind of rack and is produced of one hundred percent recycled materials.

The prize committee's argumentation:
Playing, curiosity, experiment and real product development are charcterising elements of this duo's activities. Nobody Chair is conscious as to resources, materially pure and above all showing elegant curves.

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