No Wood Left Behind: Brooklyn's 4Korners Design


Predicated on the idea that "there is always a better way," Brooklyn-based 4Korners has a small collection of furniture that combines sustainable materials and smart design to create sleek, efficient designs. We like the looks of the credenza, which, with a quick exchange of doors for drawers, can also be a sideboard or dresser; its design, vaguely reminiscent of 4Korners' fellow Brooklyn designers from Scrapile, uses wood scraps to create an engaging textural mosaic on the front of the piece.

The collection also includes a platform bed made from bamboo that includes built-in drawers and optional slide-out side tables (both great for small spaces) and assembles like a puzzle from 11 pieces and a "tea table" (designer Scott Raffaele doesn't like coffee) with easily removable legs, for easy shipping and transport. Hit the jump to see pics of these and the rest of the collection. ::4Korners via ::Dwell Daily


The Platform Bed, in the designers' own words: "Designed for urban living, this simple low profile bed has 4 large drawers integrated into its frame. Option slide-out side tables are ideal for tight spaces. This bed is designed with 11 pieces that fit together like a puzzle. Just add the mattress. Bamboo is the material of choice, but it may also be produced in white oak or any other domestic flat sheet product. The finish is a natural hard oil."


Bar Stools: "The goal was to design a simple elegant bar stool that would use as much of a flat sheet of material as possible, thereby minimizing waste and creating a green product in a green way. The bamboo stool comes in two sizes and can also be used as a side table. Several stools can be stacked for storage or shelving. On its side it makes an excellent short bench, as my four year old showed me. Easily re-desigend to be 'flat packaged' in a box and shipped.."


Tea Table.Bench "I don't like coffee so I designed a tea table. It is really a bench in its most basic form.
Sit on it.
Straddle it.
Stack it.
Take a nap on it.
Have tea on it.
At 17" tall it is perfor [sic] for use in front of the sofa. Removable legs make it easy to pack and ship anywhere."

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