No Sharks Were Harmed In New Addition to Discovery Headquarters

discovery communications headquarters with shark photo

All photos credit David DeFranza

Discovery Headquarters (Parent to TreeHugger) is already LEED Platinum for its operations, with extensive recycling and water reduction programs.

Now they have a new addition to the building to celebrate Shark Week, and are no doubt going for shark-safe certification. We are told that it is made from 11,720 yards of fabric and that each piece took 1280 person-hours to sew.

discovery communications headquarters with shark profile

Graham Hill has written that Shark Extinction Possible Simply From Too Much Soup. Given that if real, this shark would be 446' long nose to tail, 113' tall, 200' wide and weigh around 84,000 pounds, its fin would could be sold in China for a lot of money. (More on shark finning at Planet Green)

discovery communications headquarters with shark tail

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