No-Mow Lawn Seed Mixes: A Grass Roots Transformational Biotechnology


A lawn that needs mowing only a few times each year sounds like the ideal sustainable solution to all the "what mower to buy" questions we get every year at TreeHugger. Were this to become popular it would also sow the seeds of many destructive transformations. Imagine it. Not only could it eliminate the noisy mowing and spraying rituals, making almost everyone happy; there would be losers as well, as the stock of numerous lawn care and mowing product companies took a permanent dive. "Landscaping" (mowing and mulching) businesses would change drastically or go out of business. Millions of low paying landscape jobs would disappear. In the secondary impact category, fertilizer runoff would abate, concerns about children and pets playing on weed killer would disappear . Think we're dreaming? Prairie Nursery in Westfield, Wis . Offers Our "No Mow" Lawn Seed Blend is a great alternative to high maintenance traditional lawns. [Their] "No Mow" Lawn requires little if any fertilizers or pesticides, is far more drought tolerant than bluegrass lawn, and require only occasional mowing! It grows in full sun to medium shade, and thrives on most well-drained soils".

Check out, also, Hobbs & Hopkins' Fleur de Lawn mix (pictured): a low-maintenance lawn of perennial ryegrass, low-growing strawberry clover, yarrow and sparkling little English daisies.

Via: The Morning Call Online