No More (Than 48) Wire Hangers! EVER!


What are wire hangers doing on this site when we told you: hangers can be made from 100% recycled paper, Sundela board (a material derived from recycled and compressed newspaper) and biodegradable corn-based plastic? Well, South Korea-based collective 101 Design Studio has devised a clever way to recycle the hangers into a pretty slick-looking light. Available in two versions -- "48 Hanger" (rather than pendant -- ha!) and "48 Stand" -- the lights use, as the names suggest, almost 50 discarded wire hangers to create a very modern shape oddly reminiscent of a more traditional lampshade.

We like this not only for its use of recycled materials, but for the many options it provides; leave it alone for a brighter, white light, or add a splash of color around the hangers with your own shade. Hardcore DIYers could even fashion their own; just don't forget to use a compact fluorescent light bulb. Either way, even Joan Crawford would approve. More pics after the jump. ::101 Design Studio via ::Yanko Design



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