No Longer Used for Evil, Oil Barrels Remade into Sweet Cabinets


All Images Courtesy of Lockengeloet

Okay, "evil" might be a bit much. But I will say that I vastly prefer this new, unexpected use for oil barrels. They're the work of German design group Lockengeloet, from St. Pauli, Hamburg. Taking barrels that are no longer leak proof from the Hamburg harbor, Lockengeloet opens them up, installs shelves, and delivers one of the more striking and original designs I've come across.


Their online store gives the details:

First we use a special tin opener for these big oil cans, then the door is stabilized with two guitar strings and closed by two magnets which sounds and feels really good. Also, you can expand your cupboards by piling them up and then fastening their top cover latch: The sky is the limit. And money, actually.

They are on the pricey side, going for €350 ($500). But if that's out of your price range, you can check out the rest of Lockengeloet's work, which is all about repurposing old objects in original ways: books into key hooks, vinyl records into bowls, foosball players into bottle openers.


So for all the oil barrels out there concerned about their impact on the environment, rest assured that there's hope you'll be used for good someday. Just try to get to Hamburg.

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