No Glues, No Screws: Ecolok Flatpak Furniture

ecolok table detail photo
Images: Ecolok Furnishings

We have a thing for flatpak. Whether it's a house, a toy, or a piece of furniture, flatpak typically obfuscates any number of the more harmful processes of manufacturing, and also lends itself to modularity, making things portable and versatile. We first caught a glimpse of Ecolok Furnishings back when they were calling themselves FIT. Since then, this architect duo has been busy busy, refining a series of designs for custom modular furniture pieces that assemble with no glue or fasteners. Ecolok pieces are made from FSC-certified wood, treated with low-VOC sealers, are "relatively lightweight" and, of course, ship flat.
ecolok table room photo

Putting these together does actually look darn easy. Roger Berent and Kyle Hulewat (both architects by trade) have applied a patented technology to come up with a number of elegant lines. Their LokBox is a shelving or display cube assembled from five pieces of wood--no fasteners or adhesive needed. They have a beautiful glass-topped coffee table called Neo Nouveau, the Overlap series includes an interesting bar stool, and the Echo series uses the same lock-together approach, but reflects Victorian design cues.

Ecolok doesn't have a typical e-commerce site, but they're eager to get your design cooked up and cut out. Email them and tell them what you're looking for: "Once we have a good idea what you are looking for we do a quick, free, image mock-up for you to approve and then we figure the cost and timing of the piece." They even insist that if you don't like the final product, you get your money back, so no one gets screwed.

ecolok table photo

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