Ocean-inspired lamps made with seaweed (Video)

Nir Meiri
© Nir Meiri

As a biofuel, superfood and renewable material, seaweed has a lot going for it. But seaweed isn't just for eating or converting into fuel; designers like Tel Aviv-based Nir Meiri are experimenting with the aesthetic possibilities of seaweed in a line of elegant, ocean-inspired lighting.

Nir Meiri© Nir Meiri

As seen in the video, seaweed is applied wet over a metal frame, and is shrunk to form various curvaceous shapes and coated with a preserving finish (no word on what it consists of, though). Meiri explains the long-standing relationship we've had with this amazing material:

Ancient cultures have appreciated and utilized seaweeds for different uses. Today, seaweeds are cultivated and harvested on a commercial scale, as a result of a growing interest driven by environmental concerns.

Through the unconventional use of seaweed as a main material for a domestic environment, the product plays on the tension between the artistic and the commercial.

Nir Meiri© Nir Meiri
Nir Meiri© Nir Meiri
Nir Meiri© Nir Meiri

Like similar lights we've seen previously, the lamps have a lovely, organic texture that create a variety of soft lighting effects, bestowing some of the mystery of the sea. For more info, check out Nir Meiri's site.

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