Nimble cargo scooter goes where cargo bikes can’t

scooter with cargo box
© Nimble Cargo Scooters

The Wanted Design show in New York city presents a lot more than home furnishings. You can also find clever student projects, jewelry and even bikes. The Nimble cargo scooter is another alternative transportation design at this year’s show.

“The idea is to encourage people to get out of their cars,” said Alix Armour, one of the designers who created Nimble. The scooter, which features a heavy-duty container in the front, is designed to carry goods over short distances.

scooter with cargo box© Margaret Badore
The Nimble scooter was created by a team of four designers who love cargo bikes, but wanted to use something less bulky. After several prototypes, they came up with a model that weights 30 pounds.

You could certainly use the scooter to transport groceries or a stack of books, but the real potential for Nimble may be in commercial situations. The little scooter could make moving stuff around a warehouse easy and deliveries might even be fun. The scooter might not be able to go as far or as fast as a bike, but it can fit into smaller spaces and can make tight turns thanks to its patented steering system. Plus, the wheels are non-marking, so hardwood floors are safe from skid marks.

Armour told me the scooter has a maximum carrying capacity between 250 to 300 pounds. It's made in California and the box is high density polyethylene plastic, which is recycled and food-grade. Nimble has a brake on the back wheel, and the box prevents the whole thing from tipping over, so you can lean it without dumping your cargo. “I’m trying to promote this idea of ‘lean, lock and leave,’ ” said Armour.

The creators are currently looking for distributors, but until then the Nimble cargo scooter sells for $299.00 on the company’s website.

Nimble cargo scooter goes where cargo bikes can’t
This lightweight scooter is easy to steer and can carry over 200 pounds.

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