Nightlights Made From Vintage Cameras

What do you do with a fifty year old camera? They are not really collectibles that anyone wants; I tried to sell all of mine on ebay, and couldn't get a single offer. Jason Hull, aka jayfish, has figured it out; he turns them into nightlights.

He writes on Flickr:

They're cameras from the 50's & 60's that i've permanently converted to night lights.
i've removed the shutter, film transport, and as much extras plastic as possible to make it light enough to stick in a standard outlet.

i'm not modifying cameras if they are in prisitine condition or if they're rare, i'd rather they stay usable as cameras in those cases. the ones i've chosen are lightweight plastic, produced in huge numbers and easily found for sale at flea markets/ garage sales/ ebay.

I am off to the basement to find my cameras! More on Flickr, found on Unplggd, where they write that the nightlights come complete with electric eyes to turn them off and on.

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Nightlights Made From Vintage Cameras
Finally, someone figures out what to do with these things, collecting in basements around the world

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