New York's Largest Green Roof over Tony Soprano's Head


Silvercup Studios, where parts of the Sopranos is filmed, now boasts New York's largest green roof. "We are looking to demonstrate to the government, the public and most of all private business that green technologies are an economic benefit," said Stuart Suna, co-owner of Silvercup Studios, in a recent article in the New York Times.

Green Roofs reduce heating and cooling costs, and help keep cities cool by reducing the "heat island" effect. As the article points out, one roof can make an impact, but when everyone starts doing it the effect can be huge.

"Isolated green roofs are expensive insulation," Ms. Hoffman (Director of Earth Pledge) said. "But when you have a whole community of green roofs, it changes the microclimate of the area and reduces demand for energy. Think about one sidewalk in front of a building. That doesn't make a transportation path. But if everyone has one in front of their property, you have a way to walk around the city. Only a citywide effort can achieve that."

In Chicago, developers get a density bonus if they include a green roof in the design of their projects. This is an idea that all cities should emulate.

::New York Times thanks, tipster Erica!