New Yorkers Take Shelter from Winter in a Downtown Pop-Up Park


Photo: Alison Meier under a Creative Commons license.

As New York continues to get hit by blizzards, city dwellers longing for a picnic without the risk of frostbite can head downtown to the OpenHouse Gallery at 201 Mulberry Street, where a pop-up park opened on January 8. The gallery has been converted into an indoor park, with fake grass, rocks, trees, a pond and bird sounds. While there's not enough room to toss around a frisbee, park-goers can play bocce ball and croquet, or attend a daily yoga session from 12-1 ($15 suggested donation). There's also a seesaw for the kids.Open daily from 11am to 6pm until the end of the month, the Pop-Up Park is the latest development in New York City's ever-evolving park system. From the famous High Line to a park to be built on shipping containers, New York is making sure its residents have cool green spaces to take a time out.

Via NYC the Blog
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