New York Times on Tiny Houses


"Choosing a house starts to resemble buying a car."

This was the vision of the prefab movement- to make good design accessible to a larger audience at a reasonable price. It appears to be finally happening, particularly in very small efficient designs as people realize the benefits of living in smaller spaces, particularly for second homes. The New York Times lays out the benefits: "Minimal square footage means reduced maintenance costs, less upkeep and reduced energy consumption. Prefabricated and pre-built models can require little or no site preparation, which means no anxious weekend drives to the country to make sure construction is moving along"

There are environmental benefits too: Matthew Adams had an ecological agenda and intended to serve as a steward of the former ranch property. "I was committed to finding a tiny house that would have no lasting impact on the land," he said. "But truthfully, I wanted something with design value, too." ::New York Times with a great slide show.

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