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We were previously appalled at the new Disney Dream Home (read Disney's New Dream Home: Worse Than We Dreamed or go direct to the appalling video on the hideous website with the nauseating music. We concluded that Walt is spinning in his cryogenic cylinder.

Now David Rakoff of the New York Times visits it, and comes to much the same conclusion. "All this is worlds away from Disneyland's original utopian domicile, the 1957 Monsanto House of the Future, sponsored by that company's plastics division. Meant to represent life in 1985, it was a paradigm-shifting, atomic age showplace of sleek surfaces and synthetic materials. "Hardly a natural material appears anywhere," the original narration bragged."

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If this is the future I want to get off now.

"In a strange coincidence, the very week that the Dream Home opened, at the other end of the Disney corporation's spectrum, Pixar had just released the dystopian "Wall-E" — a film premised on a world choked by garbage and waste, and made uninhabitable, at least in part, by things like gargantuan homes that make little or no concession to the limited resources out there and our heedless lack of stewardship....

The feeling of the Dream Home is of a dwelling from 2004, before the subprime mortgage crisis and $140-a-barrel oil. It is an exurban mausoleum, representing the kind of house that can be reached only by a decreasingly affordable car.

Even the corporate planners' equating of acknowledging reality with bumming people out seems kind of old school. The keepers of the Dream Home do not seem to recognize that we are shuddering breathlessly on the brink of a new cultural moment. After years of falsely elevated and baseless hopes, it now feels downright woodland-creature-chirpy to face tomorrow with eyes wide open."::New York Times see also slideshow David Rakoff on Disney's New Dream Home
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