New Wave Furniture by Aswoon/Susan Woods Studio


Daniel Blochwitz for Aswoon/Susan Woods Studio

Taking bent ply to curvy new heights, Aswoon/Susan Woods Studio creates lounge chairs, public seating and couches with a very bendable sensibility. Often requiring little more than a single sheet of poplar plywood, the furniture boasts ornate shapes and funky lines not often seen from wood furniture, and something we've never really seen from bent ply. Defining green design as "the art of developing ideas and, as a result, physical objects in compliance with the principles of economic, social, and, especially, ecological sustainability", the studio looks to "reclaim and re-use materials, and continuously search for those which can be recycled and re-integrated" into their work; they're currently looking for anything from used mattresses to bottle caps for future use. Until those pieces arrive, check out more curvy goodness after the jump. ::Aswoon/Susan Woods Studio's New Wave via ::PadStyle


"Black Wave Seating"


"Short Wave Table"


"Damask Table I"

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