New Tulou Hula-hoop Buildings Built in China

urbanus modern tolou exterior photo

We previously showed the Fujian Tulou, nicknamed "hula-hoop buildings" that "followed the Chinese dwelling tradition of "closed outside, open inside" concept: an enclosure wall with living quarters around the peripheral and a common courtyard at the center."

Now Urbanus Architects bring them back in modern form.

urbanus old tulou exterior photo

Jerome Melan

The traditional Tulou was a complete circle around an open court;

urbanus modern tulou aerial photo

Urbanus has filled most of the center with public spaces, retail, a gym and library, which I think is a shame.

urbanus modern tolou model photo

And they don't quite make it a complete circle.

urbanus old tulou interior photo

So you don't get that fabulous interior public/private space. But still, it is wonderful to see lessons from history being implemented today. More images on Designboom

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