New Soap, Old Bottle. Detergents now come in a Heineken, Coke or Dr. Pepper Bottle

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Researching innovative packaging solutions the other day, I stumbled on New Soap, Old Bottle. Similar to this green way of drinking (old bottles, fresh wine), Scott in the States sells new liquid soap packaged in old plastic bottles. That way, he saves an old bottle from landfill or recycling (which, let's just remember, also has an impact on the environment), and a new bottle from being manufactured.If I understand correctly, New Soap Old Bottle works with different brands of liquid soap that they by in barrels, to then repackage the soap in handy sizes in a reused package. It is an initiative to help soap companies offer a greener packaging to their customers.

We especially like the refill that comes in an old Heineken beer bottle, although the plastic bottles would have a much lower impact during transportation due to the lower weight. If you're lucky and you live near a refill station for soap, like the Green Depot store in Manhattan where you can buy soap on tap, you can just reuse your own bottles. But for busy people and places where no 'green detergent stations' are available, New Soap, Old Bottle might just be the solution to reducing packaging waste. New Soap Old Bottle
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