New Products by Chilean Musuc and Argentine Neumatica


Two of our featured eco-designers from Latin America have hit us with some new designs. On one side, Chilean industrial designer Rodrigo Alonso Schramm from Musuc studio has launched a new integrant of its N+EW line: a lamp produced completely with e-waste and low density plastic that took this form via a recovered iron mould, with a base made from recycled aluminum from beverage cans. Remember the N+EW project stands for No More Electronic Waste and is a statement about the amount of this type of materials we consume and don’t usually care to recycle in Latin America, explained Alonso in a previous post. The first piece of the collection was a bench, and both will be presented at the Gwangju Design Biennale to take place in Korea from October 5th until November 3rd; and during the Passion Tour Symposium that is taking place in Santiago de Chile from October 9th to 11th. Lamps are in production and will be on sale after those two events at 100 US dollars. On the other hand, Argentine-living-in-Brazil siblings Roby and Deby Piwnica from the accessories brand Neumatica have launched a new website and have published some new models of bags and purses with recovered tires. The ones we feature above (check bigger pictures in the extended) are under the ‘especiales’ section, which means ‘specials’ in Spanish. Information for purchasing products in small or large scale can be asked through their contact section. ::Musuc ::Neumatica


N+EW Lamp, by Rodrigo Alonso.


Asymmetric bag from recovered tires, by Neumatica.


Shaped envelope also from recovered tires, by Neumatica.


Semi-triangular purse from recovered tires, by Neumatica.

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