New Mineralogy Gallery at ROM Rocks

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Kim Tait, Associate Curator of Mineralogy at the Royal Ontario Museum

Usually any story about mining or minerals on TreeHugger is about this mountaintop being blown off or that river being contaminated; it is a pleasure to write a post about the wonders that come out of the earth that isn't dire. It is also a pleasure to report that after close to 25 years, Toronto once again has a gallery where you can see them, and it is a stunner.

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One of my favourite things in the gallery: a "Gogotte" sandstone concretion, from Chartres in France. Fitting, since it looks like a couple of Michelin People having fun.

Everything is beautifully presented and lit, in a really minimalist presentation- where such exhibits are usually overwhelmed with text, the gallery uses the slickest electronic presentation I have yet seen, described by Kim Tait in the video. Unfortunately there isn't a lot of information about the collection on the screens yet beyond names and accession dates, and I do wonder what will happen when a couple of cheesewagons full of kids get at them.

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Some say museums are so over, that objects belong in the countries they came from and that "collecting" belongs to another era, before the internet could bring it all together. It is true that the photography on the electronic presentation is superb, as good as I have seen on screen; it is almost a substitute, as close to Malraux's Museum without Walls that I have seen. No doubt many will enjoy this collection from afar when these images become available online. On the other hand you could spend hours admiring the reality of these rocks, and leave with a sense of wonder, about what gorgeous stuff this planet is made of.

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Opening Saturday at the Royal Ontario Museum

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