New Lighting and Accessories from Kenneth Cobonpue

Kenneth Cobonpue bamboo lighting

Bringing his love of organic shapes, penchant for weaving and use of sustainable materials to a new collection, Kenneth Cobonpue's lighting and accessories carefully mix artful forms and spare designs to create a modern, fun feel. Kris Kros, pictured above, include a wall lamp (on the left), a pear-shaped pendant (right) and a room dividing screen (below the fold) that are created when bamboo twigs are tied to randomly-welded metal frame.

Cobonpue includes a handful of other pretty interesting designs in this collection, from rattan lamps whose colors are inspired by spiders and insects to a light inspired by jellyfish and sea anemones; hit the jump to see pics of some that caught our eye. ::HIVE via ::MoCo Loco

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Kenneth Cobonpue bamboo screen

Kris Kross screen, made in a similar manner to the lamps, with woven bamboo.
Kenneth Cobonpue bamboo lighting

Biba hanging lamp, made from rattan vines and inspired by colors taken from spiders and insects
Kenneth Cobonpue Molly hanging lamp

Molly hanging lamp, inspired by jellyfish and sea anemones

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