New Green Decor Ideas for Furniture and Lighting

euphoria chair photo

Photo: eumenes

New and interesting green pieces of furniture seem to be everywhere lately. Starting with these wonderful Italian chairs with shopping bag stripes and laundry bag checks that are made from material left over from woodworking. Called the Eu/phoria chairs, they are made of a 'cheap' material that is normally used in the automobile industry, which is 50% material left over from woodworking and 50% polypropylene. They also come in solid colours or a houndstooth print or material. The covering changes their look from serious to fun.

eus table photo

Photo: eumenes

The table, by the same company, has a painted metal base in four colours and a choice of materials for the top. The most interesting is made from Ecomat: "an innovative material derived from ground olive pits from olive oil production mixed with recycled plastic and scrap material from nappy manufacture."

Eumenes is a new Italian company which is committed to making a small line of tables and chairs which are functional and flexible, good looking and eco friendly.

tight stool photo

Photo: diane steverlynck

From Belgium comes this lovely stool, held together by string of different colours. Called the Tight Stool, different colors of thread are used to bind the legs to the main body, without the need for glue or nails and bolts. The thread holds it together but also provides a subtle decorative note to a very functional and useful item of furniture.

milk light photo

Photo: dutchbydesign

We just saw this simple milk bottle chandelier in a sleek, pared-down kitchen and wondered where to get it. It uses the diffractive quality inherent in rounded glass and is just a series of milkbottles secured around a central core. Eco-friendly and economical: you only need a single bulb.

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